Ant Chain, Ant Group’s technology brand, has launched a new blockchain communication technology at Ant Chain’s first developer conference in the Chinese city of Hangzhou.  

Fast facts:

  • The new rollout, named the Blockchain Transmission Network, is a high-speed, long-distance blockchain communication technology that promises to help improve the data throughput and stability of blockchains. According to a statement, it can enhance the throughput of a blockchain network by 186%, reduce its bandwidth cost by 80%, and cut transmission latency by 40%. 
  • The BTN infrastructure will support Ant Chain’s flagship product, Trusple, a blockchain platform for cross-border finance-related activities.
  • Ant Group, e-commerce giant Alibaba’s fintech arm, has invested heavily in blockchain technology. It was ranked among the top Chinese industrial blockchain enterprises in 2020,  based on a full year of observation and analysis of company data. It has also cooperated with China’s central bank on the development of e-CNY, the country’s prototype state-operated digital currency.