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Toby Rush

Toby Rush is the Kansas City-based CEO and co-founder of Redeem, a platform that allows users to store and use Web3 assets via their mobile phone. Toby previously served as an executive at Alibaba Group, and in 2016 he sold his biometric company EyeVerify to Ant Group — the fintech affiliate of Alibaba — for US$100 million. Rush also co-founded and led Rush Tracking Systems, a computer vision and RFID solutions venture that was later sold to a Private Equity firm. Toby holds a BS in engineering from Kansas State University.

April 2023

Until Web3 offers a better user experience, the masses will stay away

People won’t want to bother with a new technology if it’s painful to use, even if they’re aware of the potential benefits, writes Toby Rush of Redeem.