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Tomaz Levak

Tomaž Levak is co-founder and managing director of Trace Labs - OriginTrail Core Developers. He co-founded the company in 2013 with a mission to bring transparency to supply chains. Under Tomaž’s leadership, Trace Labs started developing blockchain-based traceability solutions involving major European food suppliers and blockchain integrations with the cloud computing platform Oracle, available to their users worldwide. Trace Labs became the blockchain technology provider for several European consortia programs, aimed at the digital transformation of the European countryside. Tomaž is a frequent speaker at industry events around the globe. Network Operating System (nOS) developed by Trace Labs is a hub for open industry data exchange, combining the benefits of the blockchain, global standards, and enterprise-grade software. nOS provides a single interface for connecting, rather than replacing, existing legacy IT systems with different blockchain ecosystems and the OriginTrail protocol.

August 2019

Opinion | Can We Transition Enterprises from Private Data Silos to Collaborative Data Sharing?

The question is not “Public OR private?”: Enterprise reality requires a flexible public AND private context. Old habits die hard. The enterprise sector has been traditionally used to closing themselves off, shielding every bit of information and focusing solely on achieving the organizational optimum. Some companies went to the extreme: Confectionery giant Mars Inc., for […]