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Regina Lay

Regina Lay is a correspondent for Forkast.News. She is also the head of business news at Cignal, the Philippines' leading cable channel. An at-large board member of the Asian American Journalists Association in the Philippines, she is one of only two accredited Google News Initiative trainers in the country. Regina has a master's degree in business and economics reporting from New York University, and she moved back to Manila in 2015 to anchor for and help set up the local Bloomberg TV affiliate.

December 2021

Venture capitalists are falling for play-to-earn gaming startups

Games like Axie Infinity are now the darlings of big investors. Does it matter that revenue is falling and many players earn less than the minimum wage?

Manny Pacquiao launches esports team in midst of presidential campaign

‘Team Pacquiao GG’ may be coming soon to League of Legends and Axie Infinity. But whatever happened to the former pro boxer’s Pac token?

November 2021

How a 12-year-old boy developed an NFT voting platform for the Philippines

Blockchain-powered lets users ‘vote’ on NFTs depicting presidential candidates in the Philippines. Can the underlying technology be trusted?

October 2021

The Philippines looks to blockchain voting for its diaspora

The nation’s elections commission wants to upgrade its voting technology to improve voter turnout and public trust. Does blockchain check the boxes?