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Pandu Sastrowardoyo

Pandu Sastrowardoyo is the VP of Consulting of Blocksphere, a partner of Consensys in Indonesia. She also sits in the Supervisory Board of the Indonesian Blockchain Association, and is one of the co-founders of Blockchain Zoo. Both of her companies are listed in Gartner for Blockchain Consulting, and her association includes 21 Indonesian blockchain companies.

December 2020

A CBDC for Indonesia would bridge the old world with the new

Bank Indonesia now sees the value of stablecoins and digital currency. Here’s how a central bank-backed digital rupiah could lift the nation of 18,000 islands.

January 2020

Indonesia’s decentralized island society makes blockchain a must-have | Opinion

Indonesia is a country of 17,508 islands and 260 million people, including 171 million internet users. It’s a huge market, dominated by the digital economy that’s ripe for blockchain disruption.