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Malcolm Tan

Malcolm Tan is the chairman and general counsel of Gravitas International, a blockchain company that provides advisory, corporate structuring, and marketing services for ICOs and STOs. He is also an advisor to Technichorum Holdings, an information technology and services group of companies specializing in digital assets. Previously with the law firm Allen & Gledhill, Malcolm is experienced in litigation, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions. Malcolm has published two books, “How to ICO/ITO in Singapore" and "DeFi - The Latest Financial Phenomenon."

March 2022

How the market is evolving from GameFi to SocialFi — and what comes next

A blockchain is a database that can record all transactions and transfers for the entire world. All users can use public blockchain explorers to verify all data is correct.  Blockchain facilitates transactions of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Transactions that take place are fast, cheap, tamper-proof and irreversible.  But blockchain technology is not limited […]

October 2021

How Singapore’s crypto regulations are shaping its DeFi space

Singapore is a major crypto hub. But for whom? In this primer, Malcolm Tan explains the island-state’s regulatory evolution and which groups are no longer in its favor.