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Mohammad Raafi Hossain

Mohammad Raafi Hossain is the co-founder and CEO of Fasset, a gateway for buying, selling, sending and storing digital assets such as Bitcoin and other real-world asset tokens. Prior to Fasset, Raafi was an advisor to the United Arab Emirates Prime Minister’s Office, where he seeded and facilitated initiatives aimed at strengthening connections between governments and the adoption of emerging technologies. Raafi is also the founder of Finocracy, a boutique think-and-do-tank partnering with the United Nations, the Global Fund and the Islamic Development Bank to democratize access to financial opportunities. Raafi is an alumnus of University of California at Berkeley and Harvard University.

September 2021

How Southeast Asia flowered into a global crypto hub

Until recently, most Southeast Asians had no internet. Now the region is abloom with blockchain innovation. How did they do it?