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Matt Chwierut

Matt Chwierut is the co-founder and Director of Research at Smith + Crown, the world’s leading blockchain research organization focusing on cryptoeconomics, asset intelligence and industry analysis. Matt oversees Smith + Crown’s world-class research and advisory teams, utilizing his technological and applied economics expertise to review, design, and develop cryptoeconomic systems and provide strategic advice to clients ranging from fortune 100s to decentralized protocols. His work is wide-ranging and includes independent research, advocacy and education for non-profits, institutions and governments, and bespoke advisory work around cryptoeconomics, incentive design and blockchain strategy. Matt is a Research Fellow at Institute for the Future and a Fellow at the Singapore Institute of Management; he also serves as an advisor to a number of prominent crypto projects. He holds degrees from Stanford University and University of California Berkeley.

January 2020

5 blockchain trends in 2020: Bitcoin halving, Libra, security tokens and more

Smith + Crown focuses its attention on headlines and projects it considers as key developments likely to prove influential in determining the course of blockchain events in 2020.