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Konstantin Richter

Konstantin is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has led several SaaS B2B companies towards meaningful exits in the media/advertising space, including Audiotube, Lookbooks and Wiredrive. He also is an advisor to blockchain company Gem, and serves on the board of MadHive, a media/advertising blockchain business, Genymobile, the android dev tool and, the genomic search-engine. He currently serves as the CEO and founder of Blockdaemon, a hybrid cloud middleware platform for major blockchain protocols.

December 2020

What’s next for Ethereum 2.0 after the Beacon Chain?

Eth2 will run in parallel with Ethereum 1 for now. For how much longer, and will this affect ether inflation and block rewards? Konstantin Richter of Blockdaemon explains.

August 2020

Why decentralization and democratic governance are blockchain myths

Many blockchain protocols claim to be decentralized, but industry practices show the opposite. Even Bitcoin is largely controlled by a few.