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Joe Caselin

Joe Caselin is head of marketing at Hex Trust, a digital asset custodian for financial institutions, digital asset projects and private clients. He has several years of experience working in the fintech and digital asset space, specializing in branding and communications. Previous to joining Hex Trust, Joe founded and served as brand strategist for RootBranded, a network for freelance marketers. He also worked as the head of marketing for Bitspark, a crypto trading platform.

April 2022

How Bitcoin could become the collateral layer for the digital asset economy

Bitcoin is now a reserve asset for Terra’s UST. What does this portend for the $186 billion stablecoins market?

December 2021

Why the metaverse is a trillion dollar opportunity

Metizens can already attend concerts, visit art galleries and earn money in a metaverse, writes Joe Caselin of Hex Trust. What’s coming next?