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John deVadoss

John deVadoss is President of NGDS and Head of Blockchain Development at Neo. Previously, he Incubated and scaled Microsoft Digital to $0.5B+ and built Microsoft's Digital Transformation business. deVadoss also led Product strategy for the all-up Microsoft Application Platform and incubated Red Dog (Microsoft Azure). had two Machine Learning startups, with one equity exit and one acquisition exit. He studied for a PhD in Machine Learning, specializing in Recurrent Neural Networks.

November 2019

How blockchain can save A.I.

There has been a resurgence of AI during the last five to six years.  I use the word resurgence because we have had previous eras when AI was seen as being imminent. Alan Turing devised the eponymous Turing Test in 1950 and brought mainstream attention to the possibility of machines that could think. The Dartmouth […]