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Graham Smith

Graham Smith is a writer, blogger, educator and crypto enthusiast located in Niigata, Japan. Active in the space since 2015 and inspired by the power of peer-to-peer electronic cash to make a more financially accessible world for everyone, Graham has been writing for various crypto publications and documenting the growth of bitcoin in Tokyo.

May 2021

CZ bites back at Binance probe sensationalism — ‘Anyways. Back to work’

Yet another U.S. regulatory probe of leading crypto exchange Binance is underway, but CEO Changpeng Zhao isn’t impressed with news headlines.

US dollar dominance waning as CBDCs enter global spotlight

Global US dollar reserves touched a 25-year low in Q4 2020, according to a new IMF report. Will a digital euro and e-RMB muscle in?

How Uniswap V3 and smartBCH seek to streamline DeFi, save on gas

The days of ‘DeFi’ being an insider buzzword are over. But gas fees remain high and the road bumpy. Will Uniswap V3 and smartBCH change anything?

FastForkast headlines

Australia seeks fresh submissions on cryptocurrency rules

China-based SOS announces activation of 6,039 mining rigs for ETH, BTC

May 2021

Japan sees record crypto deposits, nearly 7 times more than last year

Japan’s regulated crypto trading breaks new records in a land known to be the world’s most crypto-averse. Is the tide turning for crypto adoption in Japan?

As Coinbase Pro adds USDT, Tether execs balk at continued scrutiny

Tether’s battle with New York may be resolved for now, but legal obligations have company on the defensive. Is Tether’s USDT regulated or just registered?

Korean crypto advocates cry foul and demand FSC chair’s resignation

Angered by cryptocurrency tax laws and a government official’s remarks on crypto investing, over 51,000 South Koreans are trying to push back via petitions.

FastForkast headlines

China-based SOS announces activation of 6,039 mining rigs for ETH, BTC