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Gunnar Jaerv

Gunnar Jaerv is COO of First Digital Trust (FDT), a Hong Kong-based technology-driven financial institution. FDT is the digital spinoff of Legacy Trust, where Gunnar is the head of digital assets. Prior to joining Legacy Trust, Gunnar also founded several tech startups, including Peak Digital in Hong Kong and Elements Global Enterprises in Singapore.

April 2021

5 questions investors must ask before buying Bitcoin or digital assets

How do cryptocurrency investors know whom to trust, avoid scams and not buy coins with a shady history? Gunnar Jaerv of First Digital Trust explains.

July 2020

How tokenization via blockchain can digitize assets and open up investment opportunities

Cryptocurrencies are enabling illiquid assets — like real estate, art and even pro athlete contracts — to be tokenized. What does this mean for investors?