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Frederik Bussler

Frederik Bussler is the Founder of the Security Token Alliance, the world’s largest think tank for the Security Token industry with close to 70 partners, as well as Chairman at the World Data Science Forum, CEO at bitgrit, and advisor to blockchain startups including SHORTEX Cryptoexchange and klimazone Labs. As a public speaker, he has presented for audiences including IBM, Nikkei, Slush Tokyo, and the Chinese government, and is featured in outlets including Forbes and Yahoo.

July 2019

Opinion | Why the Security Token Industry Hasn’t Taken Off

Trustless payment methods were the first disruption blockchain brought to the financial industry. The second wave of disruption came about when the ICO boomed in 2017 as a way to reach a larger market of investors through crowdfunding smart contracts on Ethereum. In 2017 alone, ICOs raised around $7 billion. More recently, we’re seeing the […]