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Charlie Morris

Charlie Morris is the co-founder of CMCC Global, one of Asia’s first venture capital investors focused solely on blockchain technology. CMCC Global has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Toronto. It launched its first fund in 2016 and today manages three digital asset funds and the Liberty Bitcoin Fund. CMCC Global holds ether in its funds and Charlie was an investor in the 2014 Ethereum ICO.

September 2020

Will Ethereum 2.0’s launch be blockchain’s iPhone moment?

Released this week after much anticipation, Eth2 could finally become “the world’s computer” that the original Ethereum aspired to be. What challenges lie ahead?

August 2020

Ethereum at the crossroads: Where does the popular blockchain go from here?

As Ethereum moves toward its 2.0 upgrade, here is a reflection on the open-source platform’s transformational impact on the blockchain ecosystem.

April 2020

Covid is disrupting the global workforce to its core. What will the future of work look like?

Companies are decentralizing into purely digital workplaces to survive the pandemic. What are the long-term implications on the structure of employment and the technologies required for working from home?