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Use cases for blockchain will expand beyond crypto, says SyncFab exec

Dennis Delgado, co-founder of a blockchain developer for supply chain management sees an explosion in new blockchains in 2022 for industry, logistics and manufacturing.

Welcome to Forkast Forecasts 2022. In this series, leaders, innovators and visionaries in blockchain-related fields tell Forkast.News their predictions for the year ahead.

Dennis Delgado

Dennis Delgado is chief product officer and co-founder of SyncFab, which develops blockchain applications for decentralized manufacturing supply chain management. He is a SaaS product designer that has worked in industrial supply chains for the aerospace, automotive, medical and renewable energy industries. A graduate of the both the Otis College of Art and Design and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Delgado has curated many exhibitions with work from artists represented in the collections of major museums including MoMA in New York and the Pompidou in Paris.

Prediction for 2022

Blockchains beyond Bitcoin

“We’re going to see an explosion of new blockchains coming. Right now we have the big three or big five that everybody that’s got into blockchain is kind of aware of — your Bitcoin, your Ethereum — and those use their own blockchains.

We’re seeing now a need for different blockchains for specialized industries. We’re going to see it going into more traditional avenues of logistics. Manufacturing is what we’re interested in [at SyncFab] and seeing how maybe a different blockchain can be utilized more efficiently for that. What we’re going to see is an increase in newer, more efficient blockchains that can help with some of the different industry pain points that we’re seeing.

Shakeout coming

“With any new technology, there’s always a speculative nature. You think the web boom of the late ’90s and early 2000s of all the different web companies that were popping up. It’s kind of the Wild West at first and then soon, once the legitimate use cases come out of it and ones with businesses that are able to operate. There’ll be a shakeout and you’ll see some of the true players that that are accomplishing real everyday use cases that can be accomplished.”