Wednesday, April 1, 2020


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Current Forkast #06: New blockchain arsenal to fight Covid-19, Zoom cancels Facebook, coronavirus wipes...

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Other top headlines from around the world: Microsoft wants to power mining with brain waves. Crypto exchanges Huobi and OKEx under fire. China shifts to digitally sweep ancestral graves.

Current Forkast #05: U.S. weighs digital dollar, Coinbase top lawyer joins Treasury, and more

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In this newsletter and podcast, we bring you top headlines around the world, including: A new proposal to create a digital dollar. Coinbase's legal chief heading U.S. Treasury. A Bitcoin-Red Cross coronavirus fundraiser in Italy. Universal basic income's revival. Steem's hard fork into Hive, and more.

Coronavirus prevention tips for the long haul: face masks, social distancing, hand wipes and...

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Coronavirus fears spread panic as well as infection. Face masks, hand washing and social isolation are best practices.

Complying with anti-money laundering regulations is a growing need for crypto companies

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FATF is setting international standards, shifting the crypto world from a "wild west" mentality to a more compliant space, says CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou.

Current Forkast #04: Bitcoin’s wild ride, Robinhood in tough times, Covid-19 hacks Ethereum event

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Also: Blockchain voting after the Voatz debacle, IOTA limps back after cyber attack, smart cities in China, and Forkast.News insights to help you make sense of the top headlines.

The Current Forkast #03: Top blockchain news on China, France and S. Korea –...

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What's up with South Korea's new blockchain regulations? And where is bitcoin now legal tender? (Mai oui!) Other headlines around the world: a storm over STEEM, the new Baseline protocol for privacy, HTC's Exodus 5G Hub, and how the coronavirus has affected blockchain firms in China.

India crypto leader calls Supreme Court victory against central bank ‘game changer’ for industry

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India's crypto sector saw a major boost after its Supreme Court ruled to lift a ban on crypto trading, paving the way for more blockchain development.

Tokenized gold: smart investment as coronavirus fuels economic turmoil?

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Coronavirus fears are sending markets tumbling. Could tokenized gold, or gold-backed crypto, be the next-generation investment in times of economic trouble?

The Current Forkast Podcast #02: Lightning Loop, SEC’s crypto safe harbor, Zcash vote on...

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In this episode: Lightning Loop as the Visa of bitcoin, SEC's crypto safe harbor, and Zcash voting to give 20% of funds to developers

Tokenized health care? How Hedera Hashgraph could improve data transparency in medicine

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Public health coins could motivate more people to interact honestly with the health care system during crises like the coronavirus epidemic.