Sunday, March 29, 2020

Current Forkast #05: U.S. presses digital dollar, Coinbase top lawyer joins Treasury, and more

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In this newsletter and podcast, we bring you top headlines around the world, including: A new proposal to create a digital dollar. Coinbase's legal chief heading U.S. Treasury. A Bitcoin-Red Cross coronavirus fundraiser in Italy. Universal basic income's revival. Steem's hard fork into Hive, and more.

Current Forkast #04: Bitcoin’s wild ride, Robinhood in tough times, Covid-19 hacks Ethereum event

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Also: Blockchain voting after the Voatz debacle, IOTA limps back after cyber attack, smart cities in China, and Forkast.News insights to help you make sense of the top headlines.

The Current Forkast #03: Top blockchain news on China, France and S. Korea –...

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What's up with South Korea's new blockchain regulations? And where is bitcoin now legal tender? (Mai oui!) Other headlines around the world: a storm over STEEM, the new Baseline protocol for privacy, HTC's Exodus 5G Hub, and how the coronavirus has affected blockchain firms in China.