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Bitcoin leads NFTs with a 46% sales bump

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BRC-20 and Ordinals that don’t belong to a collection generated over US$9 million in sales in the 24 hours leading to 1:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, to help Bitcoin maintain its spot as the top NFT network for the second consecutive day.

Bitcoin had US$16.27 million in NFT sales, up 51.42%, according to CryptoSlam.

Bitcoin’s all-time sales volume now stands at US$2.96 billion. The blockchain is on pace to top US$3 billion this week, a milestone reached by just three other networks.

Ethereum, the day’s second-ranked blockchain, reported NFT sales of US$13.01 million following a 47% increase.

Solana, holding the third position, witnessed a marginal increase of 2% in NFT sales, totaling US$7.30 million.

Only the day’s top three networks had at least US$1 million in sales

Polygon, ranked fourth, experienced a decrease in NFT sales by 13%, with sales amounting to US$916,271.

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