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About Us

We started Forkast in 2018 with a thesis: blockchain, digital asset and cryptocurrency will shape the future of finance, trade and industries spanning retail to medicine. We covered the potential of NFTs for gaming in 2018, when nobody had heard of NFTs.

In 2019, we released the first industry-leading China Blockchain Report charting China’s growing ambitions in blockchain.

Our next report, The Unstoppable Rise of Digital Assets, launched on the same day Bitcoin reached an all-time high after a year-long slump in 2020, marking the next phase of exponential growth.

In 2021, we reported on stories of young people in the Philippines making multiple times their wages through a new game called Axie Infinity — all before these stories hit mainstream media.

Every step of the way, we’ve spotted these trends from our home base in Asia. Now in 2022, we’re one of the first publishers to launch an NFT-based membership to serve our growing worldwide community.

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Our Readers

The Forkast+ community represents executives and leaders from within the industry and those looking to harness blockchain/crypto in their own industries. We have access to influential voices, so you can understand how to think about the industry and what is driving it.


Sheila Warren 1

“Forkast has single-handedly elevated some of the most important issues in blockchain and digital assets in APAC and beyond. The coverage and the work coming from Forkast is such a vital part of the ecosystem.”

Sheila Warren
CEO, Crypto Council for Innovation

DonTapscottHeadShot 1

“Thank goodness for Forkast.News. Everyone at the Blockchain research Institute reads it and we encourage all of our clients to do so as well. It is hands-down the best curated source of news about what’s happening in the blockchain and digital asset space.”

Don Tapscott
CEO of the Tapscott Group and bestselling author of Wikinomics

navin gupta 1

“Very few journalists have this depth and spend the time to flesh out real issues and you are one of them. I must say now I am a fan! of the quality that […] Forkast represents.”

Navin Gupta
Managing Director, Ripple

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