Sunday, March 29, 2020

Q&A with CEOs of Digital Asset & R3: China, US aren’t in tech arms...

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After their panel on how blockchain technology is changing the world of finance and enterprise at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019, Digital Asset cofounder and CEO Yuval Rooz and R3 CEO David Rutter answered follow-up questions.
Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

Kaleido CEO: How ConsenSys’ blockchain provider tackles production hurdles and data silos

Getting blockchain right is hard enough - not to mention building consortium, says Steve Cerveny, founder and CEO of Kaleido, a Consensys Enterprise Business that offers blockchain as a service.
R3 founder David Rutter

Facebook’s Libra will push regulators to take a stance, says R3 chief David E....

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And that’s a good thing for legitimizing blockchain and paving the way to tokenize real assets across industries, the enterprise blockchain creator said at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019.

A.I. has fallen short of its promise. But quantum computing can change how machines...

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Alternative AI founder Eberhard Schoeneburg speaks with Forkast.News at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019 about how artificial intelligence should adapt to quantum technology.

Hong Kong Exchange chief says city is a springboard for tech, blockchain opportunities

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Despite prolonged social and political turmoil a slowing economy and record cash outflows, Hong Kong continues to serve as an important technology and financial hub, says Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Charles Li.

Will China’s digital currency disrupt remittances? Not so fast, says TransferWise’s CEO

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The PBOC's new token could wipe out the need for remittance services like TransferWise. But if the eurozone is any foreshadowing, uniting several countries with a single currency is a complicated endeavor.

More traditional investors are eyeing cryptocurrency to diversify their portfolios

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Traders use commodity trading adviser funds to reduce risk of custody or money laundering, says Jan Brzezek, founder of Crypto Finance AG.

Giving patients power over data builds trust in health care, says Blockdoc’s Alan Chiu

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Using blockchain to handle patients' data can lay the groundwork for genetic tests, telemedicine and AI.

How to make blockchain development code-agnostic, with Digital Asset CEO Yuval Rooz

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Digital Asset aims to provide a uniform developer experience, regardless of the technology you’re using.

ConsenSys, R3 and Digital Asset execs say enterprise blockchain is changing finance world

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From supply chain to finance, implementation of the technology is building trust, efficiency and new opportunities.