Sunday, March 29, 2020


Forkast.Focus sits down with industry thought leaders to dig into the present and future of technology

R3 founder David Rutter

Facebook’s Libra will push regulators to take a stance, says R3 chief David E....

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And that’s a good thing for legitimizing blockchain and paving the way to tokenize real assets across industries, the enterprise blockchain creator said at Hong Kong FinTech Week 2019.

How to make blockchain development code-agnostic, with Digital Asset CEO Yuval Rooz

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Digital Asset aims to provide a uniform developer experience, regardless of the technology you’re using.

ConsenSys, R3 and Digital Asset execs say enterprise blockchain is changing finance world

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From supply chain to finance, implementation of the technology is building trust, efficiency and new opportunities.

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin says Ethereum can be a trust layer for the planet

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Ethereum has amassed a nearly unbeatable network effect, but regulatory compliance is still a major hurdle.