Friday, April 3, 2020


How technology is reshaping countries and economies

Cross-border transactions key to connecting a fragmented region | Opinion

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Blockchain technology and digital assets have the potential to change the entire finance industry. These blockchain-powered payments networks enable cross-border payments to be hassle-free by having a standard set of technical specifications and standards – reducing confusion and ensuring that all members of the network have access to the same technology, says Ripple's Navin Gupta.

‘China’s developers aren’t most creative,’ but there’s power in numbers to excel

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China's enormous market of 1.4 billion people means there is a large pool of human resources that can drive blockchain development and adoption, especially in the wake of endorsement from President Xi Jinping. Blockshine founder and CEO Layla Dong explains how China's burgeoning market can boost blockchain development.
Hong Kong

Chainlink among top crypto performers in October—Fintech Advisory Services report

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The Fintech Advisory Services monthly report details the main crypto-metrics and indicators for the past month: News, Market Performance, Networks, Mining Activity, Public Sentiment, and Academic Publications. The report also covers the latest “Hot Topics” in the crypto space. This month: Facebook’s Libra, Telegram’s TON, China's CBDC, and quantum computing.

Hong Kong Exchange chief says city is a springboard for tech, blockchain opportunities

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Despite prolonged social and political turmoil a slowing economy and record cash outflows, Hong Kong continues to serve as an important technology and financial hub, says Hong Kong Stock Exchange CEO Charles Li.

Opinion | Why Technology is Forging China’s Critical Path

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Executive Summary It has been 40 years since Deng Xiaoping launched China’s Open Door Policy. By several metrics, China’s...

More traditional investors are eyeing cryptocurrency to diversify their portfolios

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Traders use commodity trading adviser funds to reduce risk of custody or money laundering, says Jan Brzezek, founder of Crypto Finance AG.

Opinion | Crisis in Lebanon Highlights Benefits of Digital Currencies

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The imminent economic collapse in Lebanon which the Lebanese Central Bank Governor has warned of may be averted as Prime Minister Saad...

WATCH: How Cryptocurrencies are Becoming an Asset Class: Marc P. Bernegger, Crypto Finance

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Cryptocurrencies have become a new target for investors shying away from politically volatile alternatives. As an on-going trade war between the United...

Opinion | China Moving Full Speed Ahead with Digital Currency and Regulating Blockchain

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While many other countries have been taking a back seat and waiting to decide how exactly they should approach blockchain technology, China...
Emma Cui

WATCH: In Conversation with Emma Cui: Incubating Blockchain Startups Around the World

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Blockchain-related startups have dealt with a fair share of challenges and skepticism, especially throughout a tumultuous year where volatility in cryptocurrencies has...