Sunday, March 29, 2020


How technology is reshaping countries and economies

Bitcoin’s ‘black swan event’ — should investors worry?

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BTC's recent tumbles and movements with the rest of market may be an anomaly and opportunity for investors.

Is Covid-19 universal basic income’s moment?

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Robotics and blockchain will unleash massive job losses as workers struggle to adjust. Should society offer UBI to ease the economic pain?

Is death of the STO an exaggeration – or market reality?

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Despite all signs that interest just isn’t there for STOs, and ICOs are too tarnished by scams to be a legitimate investment vehicle, this investor thinks there’s life left in both.

Going for gold amid coronavirus recession fears

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Gold bars are unwieldy. Gold futures and ETFs carry risks. Can gold-backed crypto, or tokenized gold, be a safer hedge during the current market tumult?

How bitcoin is helping African migrant workers and their families save money

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Blockchain technology now offers hope to radically transform the African remittances industry in favor of migrant workers and their families.

India crypto leader calls Supreme Court victory against central bank ‘game changer’ for industry

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India's crypto sector saw a major boost after its Supreme Court ruled to lift a ban on crypto trading, paving the way for more blockchain development.

Tokenized gold: smart investment as coronavirus fuels economic turmoil?

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Coronavirus fears are sending markets tumbling. Could tokenized gold, or gold-backed crypto, be the next-generation investment in times of economic trouble?

Blockchain and telecom: HTC’s blockchain phone isn’t what you think it is

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Blockchain phones aren’t yet able to offer the ability to provide total security for your data.

Crypto has the potential to revitalize India’s economy

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The uncertain legal status of cryptocurrencies is under the microscope in India.

What does the future hold for blockchain in India?

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Blockchain has had an interesting, albeit slightly paradoxical journey in India. On one hand, the technology itself has seen great support from the startup ecosystem as well as the Government. On the other hand, cryptocurrencies have faced huge regulatory hurdles in India, such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issuing a directive to ring-fence regulated entities like banks from the risk of trading virtual assets.