Why South Korea’s new law against bitcoin and other crypto lending could damage its...

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The financial watchdog's ruling would prevent cash from being loaned out for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Forkast.News analyzes its likely impact on the sector.

Safe havens like bitcoin and gold are sinking in this pandemic economy. Where can...

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As Covid-19 roils markets and currencies, next-generation algorithmic stablecoins may offer a smoother ride.

How China hot-housed a new technology and 35,000 ‘blockchain’ companies bloomed

How is China hot-housing this new technology, and are all these blockchain companies for real? Forkast.News takes a deep dive into the data to find the truth behind the numbers.

How the FATF’s travel rule could push cryptocurrency into the mainstream

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How are crypto companies complying with the travel rule, and what does it mean for decentralization and privacy? In a Forkast.News exclusive, industry experts analyze FATF's impact on regulations around the world and what to expect next.

Forkast Extra: A TV anchor’s guide to videoconferencing in style in these turbulent times

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Covid-19 has made online video meetings a career necessity. What are the do's and don'ts for your next Zoom call? "We're all television anchors and presenters now," says Forkast.News editor-in-chief Angie Lau.

Bitcoin’s ‘black swan event’ — should investors worry?

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BTC's recent tumbles and movements with the rest of market may be an anomaly and opportunity for investors.

Analysis: Are the ‘digital dollars’ in the $2 trillion stimulus plan the first step...

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Coronavirus' impact on the U.S. economy might hasten the creation of a digital dollar.

Coronavirus prevention tips for the long haul: face masks, social distancing, hand wipes and...

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Coronavirus fears spread panic as well as infection. Face masks, hand washing and social isolation are best practices.

Is Covid-19 universal basic income’s moment?

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Robotics and blockchain will unleash massive job losses as workers struggle to adjust. Should society offer UBI to ease the economic pain?

Complying with anti-money laundering regulations is a growing need for crypto companies

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FATF is setting international standards, shifting the crypto world from a "wild west" mentality to a more compliant space, says CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou.